Recycling Jewellery – 5 tips

From these…

From these…

…to this

…to this

You might not wear it anymore, not your style, damaged or just a lovely gift from a childhood sweetheart but needs a new lease of life.

My 5 pointers in the right direction to get what you want - something truly unique!

1.     Open minded

The possibilities are endless; research the designs you like the look of, get together some inspiration of other jewellery you own or want to own and styles you like. Do some drawings or doodles, don’t worry if you’re not at a Picasso standard of drawing, they will help to give a better idea of your vision.

You might have a fantastic idea, but it may not be feasible with the stones or metal you have. However, this can lead to more creativity to either find a way to bring the design to life or to incorporate the materials you have in a different way.

2.     Good things come to those who wait

The process isn’t always quick, and you will need to be patent. This is a journey and needs to be enjoyed and given the time to get it right. It can take time to work through the design before even starting to touch the metal, and it is a very important step to get the overall design right.

Say straight away if you have a specific date you want to wear the piece for especially if it’s within a couple of months. This way things might be able to be moved around or at least you will have a realistic idea of the time scale.

3.     No Regrets

Be sure you want to do this before you commit, once the older pieces are taken apart, they can’t be reassembled. If you are unsure talk it through with me as we might be able to discuss other options.

With this in mind consider the provenance of the piece/pieces you are recycling. Make sure they aren’t a piece Joanna Hardy would be delighted to see on the Antiques Road Show.  I would be happy to have a look at the piece and advise you or get the piece valued on your behalf. To make sure you know exactly what you have and what it’s worth.

Some pieces might not be your style, but they may be valuable and worth selling and using the money instead to commission a piece that is unique to you.

4.     The whole can be greater than the sum of its parts

You may have a couple of pieces, they might not be a set but together they could be combined to create a beautiful ring, pendant or earrings.

5.     Add a little extra just for you

Just because you have a number of stones and some metal this doesn’t mean you can’t add a few extra little bits just for you.

Perhaps the addition of a new coloured stone or some additional little diamonds might just lift the piece and transform the design.

Next Step

Do you have some pieces of jewellery collecting dust and never seeing the light of day? Would you like to give them a new lease of life?

Visit Bespoke to learn more about the commissioning process or get in touch to explore what’s possible.