Will Odell London

Bringing my passion for craftsmanship to the range of contemporary jewellery. Working in hand crafted gold & silver the surface of each piece reveals the hammer used, this texture defines his work and gives a beautiful tactile quality. Will believes that each item can be an enduring pleasure, part of everyday life, beautiful and enjoyed with it’s clean lines and simple forms.



My journey to being a jeweller began with a foundation at Portsmouth with a focus on furniture design. After a degree in metalwork and jewellery from Farnham focusing on studying blacksmithing, including a sponsored semester in Southern Illinois funded by the Worshipful Company of Ironmongers. Although the work at this stage was of a domestic scale I always had an interest in jewellery and was finally able to explore this when the Goldsmiths’ Company granted me two bursaries to purchase silver. Having discovered a material and scale which I enjoyed working I went on to work with two silversmiths after graduation.

The Odell family has a long history in the metalwork industry with an over 250 year old family business as ironmongers founded in 1745 on the alleged site of a blacksmiths forge of 1421. In a small way continuing the family tradition of metalsmithing by hand raising vessels in silver and now crafting jewellery in gold and silver just as the tinsmiths and coppersmiths would have done working in the yard repairing and fabricating utensils for the homes and industrial use.

As an avid vintage car enthusiast with an emphasis on the 1920s and 1930s, I spent my formative years working in the garage with my father, or helping family friends out at Silverstone Circuit during race meetings. The skills and techniques used to form the bodywork have an immediate connection with the way that I form my collections.



Purchasing a piece of jewellery is the start of a journey collecting different and unique pieces to enjoy and ultimately pass on for others to appreciate.

Contemporary Designs, Future Heritage


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